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Daily Scripture Reflections

Undivided Kingdom

Sunday, June 10, 2018 • John Morris
Today, Jesus would be considered a superhero...

Mark 3:23-24

How can Satan drive out Satan? If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

The gospel reading for Sunday comes from Mark chapter 3.  We find Jesus has already healed a number of people and has appointed the disciples to cast out demons.  The Pharisees and others don't understand who Jesus is and to what power or authority he has to cast out demons and heal.  The authorities had the say to determine who can do this kind of power.  Since the Messiah didn't come in riding on a chariot of fire as they were expecting, they thought Jesus was crazy or blasphemous.  In fact they began to feel threatened as they'd never seen this kind of power or ability.  In today's lexicon, he'd be like a superhero, but, in the reading, they believed Jesus to be evil.   Our Lord however used logic and parables to teach.  He said, "how can Satan drive out Satan? If Satan rises up and tries to divide itself, it is destroyed."  He used this same analogy with the local kingdoms.  If a kingdom rises against itself, it will destroy itself.  Jesus was making the point that evil was ruling the earth at that time, but Jesus had come to drive out evil, sickness, and all forms of sin.   In our world today, we often attribute things to the works we do ourselves.  We pat ourselves on the back and say, "good job."  But it is through the power of Christ and the Holy spirit working in us that can help others.  We have the power to do little miracles for our brothers and sisters today.  Providing a meal to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, visiting the sick…these are not only good works, but in the eyes of the recipient, a little miracle of love needed at just the right time in their life.

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